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Highbright and NVIS Backlighting


Who We Are

Jaco Display Solutions specializes in engineering and manufacturing of enhanced LCD display systems in-house. During our 50 years in business, we have worked with dozens of original equipment manufacturers in all aspects of the electronics industry.

High Bright Designs


High Bright LED's are designed to operate in extreme ambient light conditions including direct and indirect sunlight. These LEDs are fully dimmable and can be used in many environmental applications. The high bright LEDs are designed for power conservation and provide proper thermal managements. Jaco Display Solutions’ in-house design and manufacturing facilities can offer a wide array of display enhancements to suit the individual’s needs. We can offer a vast array of designs on demand such as:

• In-House Design, Edge Lit
• Several designs already completed(7.0", 8.0", 8.4", 9.0", 15", 17")
• Modification of any Panel
• Over 2,000 nits, Wide Dimming Range
• High efficiency LEDS for optimal Lumens/Watt
• Tooled aluminum boards rather than standard PCB
• Custom Designed LED Driver Boards
• Analog or PWM, Wide Input Voltage
• Thermal Management

NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System)


Jaco Display Solutions offer an LED dual mode switchable NVIS/High bright solution. The dual mode NVIS/High bright technology includes a built in LED driver with dynamic dimming. The dimming circuit allows the LEDs to dim from NVIS compatible to a High Bright sunlight readable mode. Our NVIS in-house manufacturing process features:

• Dual Mode (HB & NVIS)
• Filter each LED at the source for optimal performance
• NVIS LEDs in our display are filtered with High Temperature Polymeric filters
• A low powered, high resolution unit which operates at wide temperature
• These light sealed SMD type LEDs are 100% encapsulated and emit only NVIS filtered light
• A rugged LCD design specially engineered for military applications
• Displays that comply with various NVIS color coordinates and NVIS Radiance specifications according to MIL-STD-3009

Our Capabilities

All display integration and enhancements are done in-house, and we are capable of handling the full process of modifying display systems:

• Work with the customer to select the correct version of the processor
• Assist in the selection of the proper peripherals and the best LCD display
• Design the display sub-assembly portion of the system

• Add display enhancements
• Touch screen selection
• Cover Glass design
• Optical Bonding

• Panel PC Design
• Integrate all of the Hardware and OS/Firmware
• Build prototypes
• Test at all levels from incoming screening, environmental, EMI and final system test
• Certify prototypes
• Manufacture production units

We look forward to discussing your display requirements with you.