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Sunlight Readability


Who We Are

Jaco Display Solutions provides custom video walls in various sizes for a range of industries and operating environments.  Jaco provides video wall solutions of any size and budget, and we assist our customers with every aspect, from content control to installation of these stunning displays.

Sunlight Readability Background

Sunlight visibility of a display depends on the difference between the brightness and reflectivity of the display with the ambient light shining on the display from the outside world. When additional surfaces, like a touch screen, come into play the ability to see a display in sunlight becomes increasingly difficult, due to the additional reflections. Reflection is caused by an impedance mismatch between air and glass or Plastic, which makes whites brighter, while diluting black and other colors. This vastly decreases the contrast of the display. Contrast ratio is a critical factor that can influence the readability.

There are many things that can be done to increase outdoor view ability of a display. Jaco Display Solutions not only provides our customers with the technology and manufacturability to enhance the optics of a display in outdoor conditions, but we also ensure long term reliability by understanding the effects of the Sun’s rays and heat.

These technologies are:

• LED Highbrighting
• Optical Bonding
• Anti-Reflection and Anti-Glare Surface Treatment
• UV protective film & IR heat rejected

All of the above issues are related to each other, making the sunlight readable requirement complicated. Jaco Display Solutions' in-house engineers manage the right balance between these issues in order to offer a cost-efficient solution that enhances the sunlight readability of any display.

LED Highbrighting

These High Bright LEDs are designed to operate in extreme ambient light conditions, and are fully dimmable to ensure that they can be used in a variety of environmental applications. The high bright LEDs are designed for power conservation and provide proper thermal managements. Jaco Display Solutions’ in-house design and manufacturing facilities can offer a wide array of display enhancements to suit the individual's needs.


We can offer a vast array of designs on demand such as:

• In-House Design, Edge Lit
• Several designs already completed (7.0", 8.0", 8.4", 9.0", 15", 17")
• Modification of any Panel
• Over 2,000 nits, Wide Dimming Range
• High efficiency LEDS for optimal Lumens/Watt
• Tooled aluminum boards rather than standard PCB
• Custom Designed LED Driver Boards
• Analog or PWM, Wide Input Voltage
• Thermal Management
• High-efficiency LED light bar replacement which replaces the original OEM LED light bar with a more efficient LED light bar to increase brightness.

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding is the joining of two rigid optical elements using transparent adhesive to reduce reflectance and provide vandal resistance.


Optical Bonding Benefits:

• No air gap, preventing moisture from forming under the glass, making fog formation impossible
• Enables resistance to extreme temperatures
• Enable thinner and lighter display designs
• The bonding material reinforces and ruggedizes the display, reducing shock and minimizing breakage
• Enhancing product safety due to the bond holding the glass in place, should it break from abuse
• The bonding is a removable process which can be reversed to reclaim the display or overlay screen

Anti-Reflection Surface Treatment


The readability of an LCD display under direct sunlight is strongly correlated with the reflection of LCD surface. A reflective surface of the display will make the readability worse even with high brightness. A proper anti-reflection surface treatment is important to improve the readability.

UV Protective Film & IR Heat Rejected

An LCD panel can be damaged by ultraviolet rays if it is exposed too much to direct sunlight. A proper UV protective film is vital for the sustainability of an LCD display under direct sunlight conditions.

The Infrared light contributes heat, which can cause overheating issues in the display device. A proper Anti-IR solution is also crucial for the sunlight readable issue. Proper heat management and dissipation is crucial for the long term functionality of any display device.

Our Capabilities

All display integration and enhancements are done in-house, and we are capable of handling the full process of modifying display systems:

• Work with the customer to select the correct version of the processor
• Assist in the selection of the proper peripherals and the best LCD display
• Design the display sub-assembly portion of the system

• Add display enhancements
• Touch screen selection
• Cover Glass design
• Optical Bonding

• Panel PC Design
• Integrate all of the Hardware and OS/Firmware
• Build prototypes
• Test at all levels from incoming screening, environmental, EMI and final system test
• Certify prototypes
• Manufacture production units

We look forward to discussing your display requirements with you.