Capacitive Touch Panels

● Provides total sensor, control board, and driver solution
● 3.5” – 32” standard PCAP touchscreens
● A number of control board and COF types for the controller
● Single and multi–touch capabilities
● Durable and scratch-resistant surface
● High temp, high humidity test compliance
● Advanced Gloved touch and water detection

Resistive Touch Panels

● Top-notch quality.
● Highest reliability and strict quality control
● Products of various thicknesses
● A full range of touch screen sizes ranging from 3” to 24”
● 4-, 5-, 8-wire product lines

IR Touch Panels

● Interface Support Types
● Supported Operating Systems
● Windows, Linux, Anrdriod, Mac

Touch Screen Applications

# Our Touch Screen Solutions

Jaco Display Solutions is an integrator of touch screen technologies for a wide variety of display types and sizes. Touch screens are a popular value-add option in a variety of applications where keyboard and mouse systems do not allow an intuitive, rapid, or accurate interaction by the user with the displays content. With a display surface, and direct interaction without any hardware (keyboard or mouse) between the user and content, fewer accessories will be required.
Jaco's in-house engineers are experienced in designing and manufacturing touch displays for a wide variety of applications such as:
• Industrial
• Medical
• Retail
• Transportation/Kiosk
• Hospitality
• Digital Signage
• Gaming
• Customized Solutions

Touch Screen Solutions

Applications & Environments

# Our Touch Screen Solutions

Our touch screen solutions are designed to work seamlessly with the customer's desired display, system, and application. Our in-house engineers work with our customers to design and implement a touch screen solution to meet any technological and display environment request. Customers may also take advantage of our ability to manufacture a touch enabled display sub-assembly to be integrated into their larger system. Touch screen technology through Jaco Display Solutions means your requirements are met with the highest quality products and service.

"We offer the best touch solutions for your application".

Touch Screen Application

Comparison Matrix

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Touch Screen Matrix

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